Bedford NH New Construction

Building Your Custom Home In Bedford New Hampshire

Bedford, New Hampshire, often referred to as a “bedroom community,” is located about one hour away from Boston. With relatively low taxes, this lovely New Hampshire town is mainly rural with many wooded lots. Bedford NH real estate professional, Moe Archambault has extensive experience with new construction projects. Contact him early in your custom home building project as he can help you navigate all of the decisions surrounding your new custom home. From choosing a building lot, architect and custom design, to the construction loan process, he’ll help you each step of the way.

Location is Paramount

When considering new construction in Bedford NH, decide which parts of Bedford are more appealing to you. Are you looking for a quiet, very secluded, wooded lot or do you want to be closer to shopping areas? You don’t actually need to have a specific building lot in mind before you build. Moe Archambault has connections with luxury home builders in the Bedford area and can arrange for you to view several land lots that will suit your needs.

Your Luxury Home

One great aspect about building a new custom house is that you can determine all of the beautiful details you desire that are tailored to your specifications. First, decide what you’d like the square foot size of your dream home to be. How many bedrooms and bathrooms would you like? Will you have a master suite, custom cook’s kitchen, a large media room or a great room? Consider whether the home style will be formal or more casual and keep a scrapbook with clippings of photos from magazines or online sources to get ideas.

Climate Comfort

With the wide variety of temperatures in New Hampshire, it’s important to ensure your new home has adequate climate control. Take the sun into account when orienting your building. You might want to collect the sun’s warm rays in certain parts of your home. South-facing glass (in northern climates) will garner the sun’s heat even in the winter. Air quality and ventilation are often overlooked but crucial to overall comfort, particularly if allergies are a concern. Adjustable air conditioning and heat zones will help keep comfort levels up and utility costs down. Plus, with the growing trend of “green buildings” you should know that Energy Star qualified new homes use much less energy for heating, cooling, and hot water heating. Homeowners generally can expect to save about $200–$400 on their annual utility bills.

Special Considerations

A family with school-aged children will have a certain set of criteria that are very different from a couple entering their golden years. If you are nearing retirement or if you’re a home buyer in the middle of life, you should consider how long you plan to stay in your custom home and whether or not you should plan your design for your later years. Things you might consider are single-level plans, wider doorways and hallways, and other convenience features and design. Whatever stage of life you are in, Moe Archambault can assist you as you embark on your Bedford NH new construction home project.