Single-Family Homes

New Hampshire home with fall foliage

Finding the right single-family home can be stressful. Typically there is a short window of opportunity to make an offer. How do you know if it is the right home for you? How much is the home really worth? Fortunately, I am no stranger to the real estate process - having personally closed over 1400 homes in my 30 years as a full-time real estate agent.

At Moe Marketing, we start the home search process with three questions:

  1. What are your “wants” and “needs” in a home?
  2. What is your budget?
  3. What community or location do you want to live in?

Once we have an understanding of your ideal situation, we can begin narrowing our home search and zeroing in on exactly what you are looking for. Similar to the stock market, we use a number of different search tools to continually monitor and find the closest match available on the MLS listings. Because of our strong connections with fellow realtors in our area, we often times can find a home before it hits the market.

When we have narrowed the search to several options, I will schedule appointments to tour the homes physically. While it’s nice to see the abundance of photos available now on the web listings, it is very important to see it up-close and personal. Having built my own home, I’m very familiar with the systems and construction of single-family homes, and will point out things about the home that others may have missed. Or perhaps a home has most things you want but doesn’t have one you’re hoping for - say “open concept,” for example - I might see possibilities to accomplish that.

Once you are confident you have found the home you want, our team will initiate an offer on your behalf - then coordinate the home inspection with the seller’s agent and financing with your lender. When your offer is accepted, we then facilitate the transaction to closing. Once you move into the home, you can take advantage of our extensive network of service providers to maintain or upgrade your newly purchased home.