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Hollis NH Real EstateIf you are looking for property in Hollis NH, your best bet is to talk to a local Realtor who is familiar with the area so they can help you to determine which of the available properties best meets your requirements. Hollis is a lovely rural town with many beautiful homes. Because it is such a desirable location and its homes are typically priced higher than neighboring towns.

West Dunstable, also called Nittisset, was founded in 1739. It was part of the larger land grant of Dunstable which spanned what would become the New Hampshire–Massachusetts border in 1741. In 1746,West Dunstable was incorporated as a town and renamed Holles, perhaps after an ancestor of Governor Benning Wentworth. By 1775, the spelling had been changed to Hollis in recognition of Harvard College benefactor Thomas Hollis. It was seen in town records spelled both ways until about 1815, at which point it seems to have been established as Hollis. (Read more below.)

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There was a border dispute with Dunstable that lasted until 1763, at which point the General Court made the ruling that the Hollis border was the correct one. There continued to be changes to the parameters of the town through the late Eighteenth century, before the final dimensions were finally settled upon in 1794. The town has 31.8 square miles of land and 0.5 square miles of inland water.

Located in Hillsborough County, Hollis has a current population of about 7500. The first census, in 1790, recorded 1441 residents. In 1776, one tenth of the population of Hollis at that time died in the Revolutionary War. Through the nineteenth century and into the twentieth century, the population of Hollis steadily declined as young people moved away to seek their livelihoods elsewhere. Starting in 1930, it began to grow again and has continued to do so.

The earliest industries in Hollis New Hampshire were mills. There were five grain mills, six saw mills, and one clothing mill, all of them powered by the waters of the Nashua River. Today, computer and electronic products, and professional, scientific and technical services are the top industries. Hollis is perhaps best known for its annual festivals. In June, the Hollis Strawberry Festival celebrates with a concert and a variety of different foods incorporating the fresh fruit. In October, the Hollis Apple Festival includes a half marathon as well as delicious apple treats and a concert. In September, Old Home Days recognizes the town’s past.

The Hollis Village Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There is a lot to do outdoors, too. Skiing, cycling, fishing and hunting, and water recreation are all available to residents and visitors to Hollis New Hampshire. The school system is in the top ten districts in the state.

You may wish to buy one of the historic Hollis NH homes that are currently for sale, or you might prefer a more recently constructed home. Perhaps you are looking for some other kind of property like an Equestrian estate. Working with an agent familiar with Hollis makes the home search easy.