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Kitchen with wood floors, island with seating, pendant lightsConcord NH real estate is as diverse as its population. From mainly rural locations to the heart of the city, Concord NH homes are quite plentiful. Concord is the capitol city of New Hampshire, and the county seat of Merrimack County where it is located. It has a population of more than 42,000, the third largest in the state.

Concord is located 66 miles from Boston, Massachusetts. The Merrimack Canal, which was constructed in 1807 as a shipping corridor, connects Concord to Boston by waterway.

There are numerous arts and cultural facilities in Concord, with something for every taste. Those who prefer to get their recreation in the great outdoors will be pleased with the many opportunities for fishing, hiking, canoeing, and more. The public school system is known for being one of the best in the state, and there are fine private schools as well. The Concord school district has been named a Gold Medal district by Expansion Management magazine, with scores in academics and funding that are well above the national average. (See more about Concord, New Hampshire below.)

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The History of Concord NH

The history of Concord is quite rich, as you might imagine. The original settlement in 1659 was called Penacook, from an Indian word meaning “crooked.” In 1733, the town of Rumford was incorporated at the site. In 1765, there was a border dispute between Rumford and Bow that turned rather ugly. Once it was resolved, the Governor at the time renamed Rumford to Concord, to commemorate the new agreement between the former adversaries.Concord was named as the capitol city of New Hampshire in 1808, and the State House was built in 1818. It is the oldest continuously used State House in the nation. Many other historical buildings, including some Concord NH homes from the 18th century, still exist and are widely appreciated for their historic beauty and value. One example is the Walker-Woodman House, the oldest house still standing in the city.

The historic Eagle Hotel has had many well-known guests. The restaurant hosted Presidents Grant, Hayes, and Harrison. Franklin Pierce spent the night before his inauguration at the hotel. He lived in Concord both before and after his presidency. Granite quarries were an early important industry in Concord. The Library of Congress building is built of Concord granite. Furniture making was another large industry in the city’s history. Today, many people in Concord are employed in some way by the state government. The health care industry is the second-largest employer.

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