Selling Your Home In New Hampshire

There are two common factors with just about every home selling situation I’ve encountered: the home must sell fast and at a good price. If you are selling your home in New Hampshire, there are a lot of variables that can affect those two simple goals. This is something that folks who try the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) approach often find out the hard way. Sure, they can save the broker fee and attract potential buyers with the notion that their home will be a good deal, but unless they are well acquainted with the real estate market in their area, they could be pricing it too high.

It’s difficult to separate the emotional part of what you “feel” your home is worth with what the market reality is. A well-qualified, experienced Independent New Hampshire Realtor is worth their weight in gold in the long run, because they can save you both money and precious time.

Right Home at the Right Price. There is no exact science to pricing a home, because of the variables involved. As an experienced Realtor, I have seen situations where a home was priced low, yet stayed on the market for months. I have also (more than once) seen a home that was priced on the high side that sold within 30 days.

Using the market analysis tools available to me as well as networking with builders, home inspectors, and other real estate agents, I can help you find the “sweet spot price” that will attract potential buyers quickly. If the price is too high, my survey and tracking tools helps us to make adjustments to the offer by understanding the preferences of buyers who may be interested in your home. The downside risk to pricing your home too high and leaving it on the market too long, is that it might get “blacklisted” by local real estate agents. As the saying goes, “you only get one chance to make a good first impression.”

Preparation and Presentation. Your attachment to your home can also be a hindrance to selling it to prospective buyers, because you look at it with rose-colored glasses. One advantage to a hiring a real estate broker to help you sell your home is the fresh perspective they bring in seeing your home for the first time.

Over 20 years of selling homes has taught me that it’s a very emotional and sometimes stressful process, especially for homeowners who have lived there and raised a family. I have learned to help my clients stay focused on their goal, while understanding their emotional ties to their property. I might suggest some cost-effective improvements to increase curb appeal, or hiring a home inspector before listing the property to find out what the real problems are before the buyers do. Preparation and presentation can help you with your goal of selling your home quickly at the right price.

Timing is Everything. Every industry has cycles, and the real estate market in New Hampshire is no exception. Generally, home sales peak between the months of May and August, coinciding with school schedules. This means that marketing your residential home requires being ready to show it when the buyers are looking, and taking advantage of the high traffic time. It’s a good idea to plan a year in advance, especially if they are repairs or minor improvements to be made to prepare the home for sale.

Real estate in Bedford, Amherst, or Londonderry, New Hampshire, is especially active during these times because of the excellent school systems those towns offer. Regardless of when you list, take photos of your home in late spring to early fall when leaves are green and the grass is lush. The window for marketing a lakefront home or other real estate on Lake Winnipesaukee or Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire is even smaller. The hustle and bustle of tourist season is a bonus to potential buyers looking in those areas. Plan ahead to market a home in the Lakes Region hard between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Let’s Make a Deal. Negotiations are perhaps the most difficult part of selling your home. There is a lot of money at stake and no one wants to leave it on the table. Not only that, but there is often pressure on both the buyer and the seller to make a deal. Once again, the emotional attachment to your own home can cloud your judgment as to what a good offer is. This is when a real estate agent that is truly representing you will shine!

All of the things I’ve mentioned above should bring you to this moment with preparedness and confidence. Within the negotiations process of offers and counter offers, there are creative ways to make the sale and benefits both parties. Sometimes a seller will pick up the broker fee or agree to correcting certain conditions prior to closing. Sometimes the buyer can negotiate his or her financing options.

At Moe Marketing Realty, you are not a number to us. Our resourcefulness and tenacity has helped hundreds of people through the complicated process of selling their homes in the New Hampshire real estate market. As your agent, we are with you every step of the way so that you can get the best price for your home, and move forward quickly to the next phase of your life.