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Nashua New HampshireNashua NH real estate has multiple property types in both rural and city locations. Nashua, New Hampshire was named “Best Place to Live in America” by Money magazine, twice, a decade apart.

In 1673, a portion of what was then Massachusetts was granted to a man named Edward Tyng. He hailed from Dunstable, England, and named his grant in commemoration of his hometown. When the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border was drawn in 1741, the old Dunstable was broken up, and the half that ended up in New Hampshire took the name Nashua, after the river. It split into two town at one time, over a tax dispute, but reunited and was incorporated as town of Nashua in 1853. (Read more about Nashua New Hampshire below.)

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Nashua is a Nashaway Indian word that can be translated as “beautiful river with a pebbly bottom.” The town was planned, resulting in a compact attractive downtown area. Villages include French Hill, Crown Hill, and North End. A number of mills sprung up early on, using power generated by the Middlesex Canal, which connects the Merrimack River to Boston. The primary industry was textiles, mostly cotton cloth. The largest employers today are tactical surveillance, health care, computer technologies, and the school system.

In the 1790 census, 632 people were recorded as residing in Nashua. Today there are more than 86,000. It is the second-largest city in New Hampshire. Nashua is 18 miles from Manchester NH, 36 miles from Concord NH, and 43 miles from Boston, Massachusetts. US Route 3, via the Everett Turnpike, runs through the town. The Nashua school system educates students from kindergarten through Grade 12. There are twelve elementary schools, four middle schools, and three high schools in the district. Eleven private schools educate from K to 12. There are also six colleges and a career technology center.

Nashua has been called the cradle of the arts in New England because the first organized Lyceum institution was chartered here in 1830. It provided lectures on literature, philosophy, poetry, and science by many well known intellectuals of the age. Today, there are art, science, historical and children’s museums, and several performing arts facilities.

For the outdoors enthusiast, there is fishing and boating, as well as bicycle trails and a skateboard park. There are several public parks, including the Victorian-era Greely Park and historic Monument Square, which commemorates the 1889 Soldiers and Sailors monument. The Nashua Riverwalk is a popular destination for strolling, and the fine restaurants downtown draw visitors from all over the region.

Nashua NH real estate is diverse, there is something for everyone; whether you prefer a traditional urban neighborhood or a contemporary suburban feel. Perhaps you prefer the historic or rural parts of town. Whatever your preference, you will find something to suit you among the Nashua NH homes for sale.