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Milford NH real estate has been gaining popularity over the years. Nicknamed the “Granite Town” in the Granite State, Milford, NH, is a beautiful town with great living, working, business, and shopping opportunities. Milford NH has a downtown district with a rich history and is also an important hub for many activities for people in Hillsborough County, NH.

With a population of around 15,000 people, Milford NH homes for sale are very sought after due to the desirable area where this town is located. Milford NH real estate located downtown, in particular, can be a great business investment due to the fact that Milford NH is very important for retail and manufacturing in what is known as Souhegan Valley, an area comprised of six towns. (See more about Milford, NH below.)

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Like many towns with the name “Milford,” Milford NH first developed around a mill that was on a ford on the Souhegan River. There were numerous quarries around Milford NH which were the source for granite used in many important buildings, such as the pillars of the United States Treasury, these can be seen on the United States ten dollar bill. Although Milford NH retains its nickname of the Granite Town, there is only one quarry still in operation.

Near Milford NH you’ll find several other towns, including Lyndeborough, Mont Vernon, Amherst, Hollis, Brookline, Mason, and Wilton. Milford NH is widely considered to be an ideal place to raise a family with a large percentage of the population being younger people. Milford NH is also quite peaceful, with incidences of property and violent crime well below the county, state, and national average. The center oval (in place of a Town Square), town hall, and a historic library are both historic and give Milford NH a certain attractive small-town America charm. However, Milford NH is not entirely disconnected from the rest of the world, with easy access to New Hampshire Routes 13 and 101A.

Milford NH has three schools, covering all grade levels up until high school and belongs to the School Administrative Unit 40 District. Milford NH is a tight-knit community comprised mainly of long-time residents and families. Milford NH homes for sale offer a great opportunity to become a part of this beautiful community.