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Dunbarton NH real estate is desirable because of its rural charm. In addition, the town has very interesting history. Incorporated in 1765, originated in 1735 as Gorham’s town and was granted to soldiers returning from the Canada Expedition serving under Captain John Gorham. Later, it was renamed Starkstown and granted to settlers following Archibald Stark, father of the famous patriot of Bunker Hill, John Stark. Later on, Dunbarton received its name, after Dumbartonshire located in Scotland, where Archibald Stark was born.

For nearly two hundred years, the town remained a tiny village with only a few hundred residents. After a population explosion in the 1970s, Dunbarton NH real estate has been sought after due to its proximity to Manchester NH. (See more about Dunbarton below.)

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Dunbarton New Hampshire is a very small town, with the last census indicating nearly 3,000 residents. Dunbarton NH is peaceful place with great homes for sale and real estate opportunities. The town has seen a population explosion in the past thirty years, nearly multiplying its whole population by four since the 1970s. Dunbarton NH is has schools for Grades K through 6, while higher grades are sent to schools in Goffstown. It is also quite close to NHTI-Concord College as well as Southern NH University, UNH-Manchester, and St. Anselm.

Dunbarton can be accessed from the I-89, Exit 2, and is also accessible through Concord Municipal Airport. Manchester NH is only 13 miles away, allowing residents to have the best of both small-town America and bigger communities by commuting to work. Dunbarton NH is home to various sports facilities and has a thriving cultural life as well as several youth sports teams. It is also not far from Pat’s Peak, for ski enthusiasts, and also boasts beautiful forest scenery and challenging walking trails.

Some notable people buried in Dunbarton NH include the poet Robert Lowell and the commander from the French and Indian War Robert Rogers. Surrounding this town are various farming communities and retail and shopping opportunities are only a short drive away. Dunbarton NH real estate is desirable due to the areas marked growth in the last years, its beautiful and unmarred setting, and its tight-knit community of New England residents.

There is a reason why New Hampshire small towns are considered among some of the most desirable places to raise a family Dunbarton NH has fresh air, open spaces, very low crime, and a friendly, welcoming community. Dunbarton NH homes for sale are regularly available, and new opportunities are arising due to the fact that Dunbarton NH, now 114th in the state of New Hampshire, is growing quite rapidly.